Shanghai Sanda University Established Online Service to Help Graduates Find Jobs

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2020-04-20Views:10

Affected by the epidemic, the employment pressure of this year’s graduates increased, but there are students adapted to the new form online of employment. Facing 4264 fresh graduates, our school has stepped up planning, actively promoted the new model of “Internet + employment”, and provided in-depth employment guidance and services in order to secure employment.

In order to make our school teachers able to better help students adjust their mentality and ease the employment pressure. The employment office contacted the professional training institution Beisen and set up a 2-week online training camp to improve the professional level of teachers’ employment assistance. Wang Han, a counselor at the foreign language school, said pressure was the driving force. He hopes to work with his classmates to help them bring the four years to a successful end. “The continuous expansion of channels and optimization of guidance services are ultimately aimed at guiding graduates to strengthen their confidence, take the initiative and achieve high-quality employment,” said Chen Wei, Deputy Secretary of the university’s party committee.

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