Shanghai Universities Have Taken Various Measures to Facilitate the Employment of Graduates

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2020-04-20Views:10

March and April are an important time for fresh graduates to sign up for jobs. This year, affected by the epidemic, the employment pressure of college students increased. Colleges and universities in Shanghai are actively planning and acting to innovate the new model of “Internet + employment” and expanding employment channels.

In response to the epidemic, colleges and universities actively expand the “circle of friends” of employers. Zhang Jianping, Director of the Employment Office of Sanda university, has a busy schedule these days. She will visit four enterprises this week, after visiting many places in the Yangtze river delta.

East China University of Science and Technology (has made a comprehensive survey of the employment progress of the 7,408 fresh graduates in the university, established a “job-hunting group”, developed an “employer bank” and built an “information bridge”. In the words of Zheng Dong, Director of the Student Employment Guidance and Service Center, the university has realized the accurate connection between “student group and “employer bank”.

Through AI and big data technology, Donghua University helps students to achieve “accurate matching” between their vocational abilities and the positions recruited by employers. Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology has opened the online “employment customer service” mode, providing graduates with 24-hour employment services such as online signing, information review, appointment consultation, etc., effectively solving the problem of “anxious and anxious expectation” in the employment process of graduates.

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