Cao Lijuan, Deputy Head of Jiashan County, Went to Our school’s Jiashan Campus for Investigation

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2020-04-08Views:10

On the morning of March 31, Cao Lijuan, Deputy Dead of Jiashan County, led a delegation of 6 people including the county government office, the liaison office of the county development and reform bureau in Shanghai, the county economy and information technology bureau, the county education bureau, and the county human resources and social security bureau to the Jiashan Campus of our school to carry out investigation activities. Chen Yiyi, Principal of our school, Chen Chunfeng, Principal Assistant, Executive Vice President of Jiashan Guangbiao College, and Liu Tingting, Secretary of the General Branch of the Party participated in the investigation.

At the investigation meeting, Chen Yiyi, on behalf of the school, warmly welcomed Cao lijuan, and expressed sincere gratitude to Jiashan county for its long-term support for the construction and development of our school. Chen Chunfeng briefly introduced the basic situation of the school and the epidemic prevention and control work on Jiashan campus.

Cao Lijuan fully affirmed the achievements of our school in running a school and in cooperation with the society. She pointed out that our school had a good relationship and cooperation with Jiashan county for nearly 18 years. She hoped to further such cooperation between two sides in the future so as to cultivate more application-oriented talents for the society.

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