The Canteen of Our School Has Won the Title of “Six T” Practical On-site Management Demonstration Canteen of Shanghai Universities

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2020-03-30Views:10

Recently, Shanghai school logistics association announced the list of “six T” practical on-site management of demonstration canteens and standard canteens of Shanghai colleges and universities. Our school’s first and second canteens were awarded “six T” practical on-site management demonstration canteens. According to relevant requirements, 51 canteens from 16 colleges and universities in the city were declared and evaluated in 2019, and 29 canteens from 10 colleges and universities won the title of demonstration after on-site inspection, expert evaluation, organization and evaluation, website publicity and other procedures.

In recent years, our school seriously managed the student canteen management specific work according to the “six T” six standard (processing, integration, cleaning every day, every day every day every day, every day to check, improve every day).

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