Sanda Held a Meeting of Party Leaders of Secondary Colleges

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On the afternoon of March 16, our school held a video conference with the deans and secretaries of secondary school to report the situation of the epidemic prevention and control work, and to deploy the recent work such as online teaching and student employment. President Chen Yiyi presided over the meeting, Chairman and Party Secretary Zhu Shaozhong, Vice President Lou Binchao, Pan Huibin, Xu Jinzhong, and Deputy Party Secretary Chen Wei attended the meeting.

Chen Wei first informed us of our school’s implementation of relevant requirements and our efforts in epidemic prevention and control. He pointed out that our school should strengthen the organization and leadership, improve the joint prevention and control mechanism, formulate work plans and preplans, implement various prevention and control measures, and timely release useful information to teachers and students.

Chen Yiyi pointed out that, according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control, we should continue to keep a high degree of attention, grasp the school's overseas teachers and students, and care about their study and life. To prepare for the extension of the online teaching work cycle, teachers and students should clarify the tasks and requirements, improve the quality of online teaching, actively explore the reform of the teaching model, and strive to cultivate exemplary online courses. Colleges should play a leading role in mobilizing professional teachers to provide greater guidance and help for students' employment.

Zhu pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control and the smooth progress of education and teaching in our school result from the joint efforts of all departments and all teachers and students of the school. He stressed that we should continue to maintain this spirit of commitment, dedication and entrepreneurship, and do a good job in this year's major reform and development work, so as to achieve new progress in development.

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