Sanda Has Taken Multiple Measures to Provide Financial Aid for Students during the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2020-03-30Views:10

Since the outbreak of covid-19, our school, in accordance with the spirit of “notice on financial assistance for students during the prevention and control of covid-19 in Shanghai” issued by municipal education commission, has attached great importance to effectively guaranteeing the basic learning and living needs of students from poor families. All procedures were completed online through the integrated management system of students. According to the statistics of the student education office, 1488 students have received the special subsidy for the epidemic in our school, in addition to the national grant and other funds.

In addition, our school paid attention to the students who stayed in school during the winter vacation, and properly arranged their life and study. For the winter holiday, more than 40 students were provided with anti-epidemic supplies such as masks and meals every day. Student education office also held a group birthday for those students. 

We hope that through a variety of measures, we can effectively help the students to overcome the difficulties of the epidemic, feel the care from the school, and cultivate their ideological consciousness, values and psychological development.

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