Sanda Has Been Selected as a Model for Managing a School by Law in Shanghai

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2020-03-27Views:10

The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Education announced yesterday the second batch of model schools in running a school by law, and our school has been recognized as a model school in Shanghai (2016-2020). According to the relevant requirements, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Education identified 15 universities as model schools and 31 as standard schools after school application, expert review and online publicity in 2019.

Our school earnestly followed “Guidelines for the implementation of education administration in accordance with the law (2016-2020)” issued by the ministry of education and the relevant deployment of the municipal education commission, launched the activities of establishing a model school in accordance with the law, promoted the task of establishing the school in stages, and continuously deepened the effectiveness of the school. In 2019, the school formally put forward and accepted the evaluation of the model school in accordance with the law in Shanghai.

Sanda will combine the construction of a demonstration school to run the school according to law with the construction of a high-level university of applied technology, relying on the rule of law to ensure reform and promote development so as to train more application-oriented talents and make greater contributions to better serving the needs of economic and social development.

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