Shanghai Sanda University Has Started Online Teaching and Achieved a Stable Teaching Order Overall

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2020-03-20Views:10

On March 9, Shanghai Sanda University started online teaching for the spring semester of 2020. On that day, 282 courses (503 times) were opened online, 371 teachers started their lectures in the cloud, and more than 19,000 students studied online. Teachers and students conducted their teaching interactions in an orderly manner through various means on the network platform, thus achieving a good start of online teaching and learning with their joint efforts.

The day before the online class started, Sanda gave the “first lesson” to all the teachers and students in the form of network broadcast, which started the prelude of the spring semester of 2020. Principal Chen Yiyi delivered a lesson with the topic of “teacher and student fight against the epidemic and forge ahead”, and more than 40,000 people attended this cloud” class.

On March 9 to 12, Zhu Shaozhong, Chairman and Party secretary, Chen Yiyi, Principal, and Lou Binchao, Vice Principal, went to the office of academic affairs and checked the process of online courses. It turned out that different departments made deliberate preparation, adopted various methods to conduct teaching, and reached a desirable result of effective teaching and learning. 

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