In Response to the Call of the CPC Central Committee, Sanda Students and Teachers Made Donations

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With the call of the CPC central committee to party members, President Xi Jinping and other central leaders took the lead in donating money to support the prevention and control of the epidemic, demonstrating their firm strength and determination to overcome the difficulties.

According to a notice issued by the department of the central committee of the communist party of China, our school members examined and approved on February 28 “Notice of Shanghai Sanda University on Organizing Party Members to Make Voluntary Donations to Support the Prevention and Control of New Corona Virus”. Under the leadership of the party committee, teachers and students made voluntary donations and took concrete actions to support the epidemic prevention and control work.

When one party is in trouble, all sides support. The secondary party branches and primary party branches in our school acted quickly, organized donation activities in an orderly manner according to the requirements of the superior party organizations, and actively played the role of fighting fortress. The organization department of the party committee and the finance department promptly opened online donation channels to strengthen guidance and services. Over the past few days, teachers and students and party members of our school have sincerely devoted their love and carried out their original mission. The donation is a deep sympathy to the frontline personnel of epidemic prevention and control, and a faithful help to the people in need. 

As of March 2, all the 63 party branches participated in the activity, and more than 830 students, teachers and party members actively donated money to express their kindness and love. The people’s war against the new corona virus outbreak continues. There is no smoke on this battlefield, a party branch is a battle fortress, and a party member is the red banner. As long as the party members lend firm support to the fight against the virus outbreak, there is nothing that cannot be overcome.

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