Student Delegation led by Dr. Hung Nien Hsieh, Vice President of Chung Hua University visits Sanda University

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Author: Jie Shen, Office for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs

Translator: Lianping He

 At the invitation of Sanda University, Dr. Hung Nien Hsieh, Vice President of Chung Hua University, Taiwan, and a group of 40 students led by him visited Sanda University on January 14, 2020.  Mr. Huibin Pan, Vice President, and Ms. Li Li, Assistant to the President of SandaUniversity met with the Taiwan delegation.

Forty students from Sanda University conducted discussions and interactions of comparing notes with the students from Chung Hua University, and carried out cross-strait cultural exchange activities at Students Activity Center, including Ice-breaking Interaction, Art Work Display, Performing Arts Performance and others previously and meticulously prepared by Sanda students, which enabled the exchange activities to proceed always in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. The students from both sides were encouraged to have free interpersonal communication and exchange activities on the subjects of folk customs, scenic attractions, delicious food, academic learning and practice in their perspective locations during the program intermission. 

It is learned that most of the students from Chung Hua University Student Delegation visited Shanghai for the first time, and the number of Sanda students having visited Taiwan is also few. The students, therefore, expressed that the exchange activities arranged for the two groups of students are not only meaningful but also fruitful. The visiting Taiwan students also expressed by the end of the event, that Sanda students had left them with a deep impression of their warm-heartedness, enthusiasm, and friendship, as well as their satisfaction and gratitude to the host institution for arranging such wonderful activities.

The students of Chung Hua University visited Sanda University Library and Comprehensive Experimental Training Center, and spoke highly of Sanda institutional building architecture with a unified style, beautiful campus and the great efforts made by the institution in investing in the teaching and learning as well as practical training facilities for students.

Sanda University signed an intercollegiate cooperation agreement with Chung Hua University in May 2019.  Sanda is going to send two exchange students from the College of Information Science and Technology to study at Chung Hua University in the spring of 2020.  The visit of the Chung Hua University students to Sanda this time and Sanda students going to visit Taiwan is a good start for the exchanges between the two sides.  Both universities are looking forward to more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation between the two institutions and the realization of a win-win situation in which the two institutions will progress together through academic cooperation and exchanges.

Ms. Jie Shen from the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs and Ms. Dan Mu from the Youth League Committee also participated in the organization and reception of the event.

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