School Leaders Had Lunch with Students to Bring Them Winter Warmth

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“We have to go for class first. Thank you, president, Happy New Year! ” On the noon of December 31, 40 students chatted with the school leaders at the dining table on the second floor of the teachers’ activity center. As a warm winter activity, president Chen Yiyi, vice presidents Lou Binchao and Xu Jinzhong, deputy secretary of the university party committee Chen Wei and assistant President Chen Chunfeng had lunch with students from needed families to talk about their college life.

Before the meal, school leaders extended holiday greetings to the students, wishing them academic success and a happy new year, and gave them warm winter jackets. During the meal, Chen asked the students about their major backgrounds and learning experiences. The students described their learning and part-time jobs one by one. Their confident language expression, clear learning goals and fulfilling university life were affirmed by the president. Chen Yiyi encouraged the students to develop in a diversified way. He also encouraged them to train themselves more in college and broaden their employment direction.

Lou Binchao encouraged the students to study quietly and master professional skills, which would lay a foundation for them to become useful talents in the society in the future and also accumulate capital for them to master a skill and change the fate of their families. Xu Jinzhong hopes that students can strengthen self-management and self-restraint, learn to arrange time effectively, learn to tolerate and understand, learn to live in harmony, and create a brilliant life by their own efforts. Chen said that the university provided convenient facilities for students to study and live in, and hoped that they could make good use of the platform to enrich their college life.

“School leaders and teachers care let me feel the warmth of home. I must live up to the hope of his school, self-reliant, and make this kind of love into my motivation”, one student said.

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