Our School Representative Team Won the Second Prize in the 8th College Counselor Team Development Activity

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2019-12-30Views:10

Recently, more than a thousand counselors from 51 universities in Shanghai participated in the 8th Shanghai college counselor team development activity. Our school was led by Chen Wei, deputy secretary of the party committee. The team of 13 professional and part-time counselors from Jiashan Guangbiao College won the group second prize.

It is believed that the instructor team development activities are part of quality development to cultivate the culture of the counselor team and enhance the counselor professional identity, sense of honor and sense of belonging. The counselors who participated in the activity expressed that the team development activities, through the combination of sports projects and team development, built a communication platform for them, enriched their spare time life, achieved the purpose of promoting affection and physical exercise, and embodied the confident, inclusive, united and enterprising team culture of counselors.

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