Our School Has Taken Many Measures to Promote Household Garbage Classification and Achieved Good Results

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In order to strengthen the teachers and students’ awareness of household garbage classification and create a beautiful and harmonious campus environment, various departments and colleges of our school have taken several measures to carry out a series of propaganda, supervision and voluntary service activities this year, so as to promote the work of household garbage classification and treatment in our school. Recently, the municipal education commission entrusted a third party company to investigate the garbage classification treatment situation of our school, and reported that our school’s garbage classification publicity atmosphere, container specifications, purity and the cleanliness of the garbage delivery point and other indicators were of a high standard, indicating that our school’s effort to promote the domestic garbage classification work has shown initial results.

Various departments, colleges and party branches of the university carry out various activities to support the promotion of garbage classification. In the first half of this year, the union of the university held the activity of “teaching staff publicizing garbage classification”, and the teaching staff carried the “garbage classification” poster to pass on the environmental protection concept of “garbage classification starts from me” to teachers and students. On Children’s Day, garbage classification knowledge questions and answers were carried out for the parent-child activities. The School of Foreign Languages conducted a thematic party day activity. The party members went into the foreign language students’ dormitory during lunch break, conveyed to the students the importance of waste classification and told the students the campus garbage sorting delivery method. In order to help students strengthen their awareness of garbage classification, the general branch of the School of Management organized active applicants and student party members to visit the Chongming New Energy Ecological Science and Technology Museum and learn garbage science treatment methods. It also organized teachers, students and party members to enter the dormitory and introduce garbage classification knowledge through explanation and answer games.

Our school has taken many measures and conducted a series of activities in various forms and supervised the implementation of voluntary services, aiming at creating a campus atmosphere where “everyone is willing to participate in classification and can accurately classify garbage all the time”, strengthening the awareness of garbage classification among teachers and students, and building a civilized and harmonious campus.

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