Students from the Department of International Trade Won One Gold and Two Silver Medals in the International Trade and Business Competition

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Recently, students majoring in international economics and trade from Shengxiang business school won one gold medal and two silver medals in the international economic and trade competition. The team of Ge Jingzhi and two other students won the gold award. The team of Zheng Qi and two other students, and the team of Luo Changyan and two other students won the silver award.

The competition was co-sponsored by the China council for the promotion of international trade and the college of international chamber of commerce. Besides Sanda, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Taipei University of Commerce (graduate team), Chihlee University of Technology, Pingtung University, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai Second Polytechnic university, Shanghai Customs college and other Institutions participated in this competition.

To promote the cooperation and exchange between our international trade teachers and students and those of other schools, and improve international trade specialty students’ integrated use of knowledge level and applied academic research capacity, international trade department held the international trade and business project competition in June of this year, forming the three teams that participated in the Global college students international economic and trade and business thematic competition China regional selection competition. These teams won 3 first prize, and participated in the 2019 global international trade and business project competition for college students.

During the preparation period, teachers of the department of international trade, including Wang Zunying, Jiang Junxian, Meng Fanglin, Jin Zhuiqiao and Shen Jianjun, gave up their spare time to provide students with half a year’s scientific research writing ability, professional knowledge application ability and competition ability guidance. The students expressed their gratitude to the school for organizing the competition. Through participating in the competition, they have broadened their international vision, improved their professional ability and knowledge application ability, and enhanced their self-confidence and comprehensive competitiveness in future employment and study.

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