President Chen Yiyi Talked with Student Representatives of Jiashan Guangbiao College about Their Study and Life

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Recently, President Chen Yiyi, Executive Vice President of Jiashan Guangbiao College Chen Xinzhong, Vice President Gong Fazhi had lunch with representatives of 16 teaching information staff in the school cafeteria. Students share their university life with the president and listen to the teachers face to face.

President Chen Yiyi first asked the students, “What do you think is the difference between college life and high school life?” A student from the school of management, said that there were many things to do in college, and that the course arrangement, daily life and campus management were different from that in high school. A student from the school of information science and technology, thought he had more personal time in college, but at the same time he needed to improve his self-management ability. He needed to arrange his study and spare time properly so that he could better adapt to the new life in college. “The biggest difference between a university and a high school is the open learning environment,” Chen Yiyi said. “you can study anywhere in a university.” President Chen also asked about the students’ daily schedule to learn about their daily life and study.

Then, President Chen took ideology and politics, advanced mathematics as example courses, sharing his learning experiences. In his opinion, although the ideology and politics courses have some profound and difficult ideas, but these ideas contain the most basic communication principle between people. The formula problems of advanced mathematics are complicated, and some of them may be seldom used even in the future work. However, it is the formula principle and calculus of these mathematics that can train students’ thinking.

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