The School of Foreign Languages Organized Students to Participate in the National English Speech Contest and Got Good Results

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2019-12-16Views:10

Recently, Sanda received the news that our students won prizes in the finals of two national English speech competitions in Shanghai. Yan Xinru, an English major, won the second prize in Shanghai finals of 2019 “FLTRP-ETIC Cup”. Shao Zhicheng a journalism major, and Yu Xinyan, an English major, respectively won the second and third prize in the finals of “21st century-Coca Cola Cup” national English speech competition. Pang Xiaosu, a teacher of College English, won the outstanding advisor award in two competitions.

In the finals of the Shanghai section of the two national English speech competition, the three students represent Sanda with calm and confidence, winning the honor for the school. It is reported that the “FLTRP-ETIC Cup” and “21st century cup” English speech competitions have great influence among all universities in China. They provide a comprehensive platform for college students to demonstrate their foreign language ability, communication ability and critical thinking ability. Our school has been participating in the competitions for more than 10 years.

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