387 Students Were Employed as Information Staff for the New School Year

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At noon on November 27, the academic affairs office held the student work information member commendation meeting and appointment ceremony. The conference honored 36 outstanding informers and hired 387 new students as informers for the 2019-2020 academic year. Vice President Lou Binchao attended the meeting and made a speech. Deputy director of academic affairs Xiao Fenglin presided over the meeting.

Lou Binchao pointed out that informers are an important part of the teaching quality assurance system. In the first line of teaching, informers are the link between students and teachers, who can find out problems in teaching at the first time and give feedback to improve the teaching quality. Information staff are expected to be good at finding problems, observing problems, and take responsibility in the process of work.

Since 2014, according to the recommendation of the college, the academic affairs office has hired a group of students as teaching informers every year, and established a team to provide information, promote teaching reform and communication between teachers and students. Xiao Fenglin said that this team of information staff for the school teaching quality assurance system made a contribution. This year, the information staff information feedback system is more perfect.

At the meeting, 36 informers were awarded the title of excellent informers and were awarded the certificate. Vice President Lou Binchao and the head of the academic affairs office issued letters of appointment to 387 newly appointed information officers. Zhang Sunpeng, the representative of excellent information officer, made a speech with the theme of “starting from small things -- to be a qualified information officer”. He said that as a qualified information officer, he should give full play to his subjective initiative, actively participate in the teaching work of the school, pay attention to students’ study and life, truthfully reflect the situation and shoulder the mission.

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