Hotel Management Students Won the Second Prize in the National Hotel Management Simulation Competition

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From November 22 to 24, the fourth “Peak Hour” National Hotel Management Simulation Competition finals was held in Sun Yat-sen university. After nearly half a month’s fierce competition, a total of 387 teams from 61 universities across the country, including Sun Yat-sen university, Nankai university, South China University of Technology, Shanghai Business School and Guilin Tourism school, finally entered the national finals. Wu Minggao, Hua Yuqing, Liu Chenglin and Li Junyi, the 2017 students majoring in hotel management of our school of management, participated in the competition for the first time and won the second prize in the national competition.

In this competition, our students competed with students from top schools in solving various tasks and problems in the real hotel operation and used their theoretical knowledge and analytical ability in the virtual hotel operation. Through the competition, the students practiced the skills of analyzing and solving problems with the theoretical knowledge of hotel, improved the ability of team communication and cooperation, and showed the elegant demeanor of Sanda “hotel people”. According to the director of the college, the hotel management major always adheres to the way of “promoting teaching by competition, promoting learning by competition” and “combining knowledge with action”, so as to improve teaching level and test teaching effectiveness through professional competitions.

It is said that the “PEAK Hour” hotel management simulation competition is specially held for universities offering tourism management (hotel management), and originated from the PEAK TIME, a world-renowned business simulation competition from northern Europe. The competition consists of three parts: the final of simulation competition, the final of team English demonstration and the final of business demonstration. Students’ application of hotel theoretical knowledge, business thinking, teamwork and professional quality are comprehensively examined.

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