“Training Camp for Creative Garment Display for Students from Three Countries” Project,Sponsored by SORSA, Successfully Completed

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Author: Wei Ju, International Exchange & Cooperation Office

Translator: Lianping He

The Shanghai European and American Association (Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association) (SORSA) 2019 Folk Diplomacy Funding Projects Evaluation Meeting was held in the Democratic Parties Building on the afternoon of November 23, 2019. Ms. Xinyan You made a project closing report on the project named “Creative Garment Display for Students from Three Countries of China, Sri Lanka and India”, one of the folk diplomacy projects and also known as “Nations and the World” International Fashion Creative Training Camp sponsored by the Department of Garment and Apparel Design, School of Art Design and Media under SORSA Sanda University Branch.

The project activity was conducted at Changshou Road, Department of Garment and Apparel Design, in July 2019, with the duration of one week. In the process of the project, the people from the three countries not only conducted in-depth exchanges but also allowed college students to show their vigorous creativity through the workshop, combining the traditional culture and technology of their respective countries with fashion, making in-depth innovation and presenting a new look to the public. The design works are finally shown to the public in the form of a design product exhibition, which has attracted many Chinese and foreign guests and industry professionals.

This folk diplomacy activity has been highly valued by SORSA. Mr. Min Wang,Vice Chairman of SORSA, expressed that SORSA will continue to support the sustainable international exchanges and cooperation among the three countries and hopes that more students can experience, learn and grow up in the exchange process. At the closing ceremony of Creative Training Camp, the university leaders from China, Sri Lanka, and India delivered speeches respectively expressing their gratitude and appreciation to all the personnel who are committed to this activity.

This folk diplomacy project uses fashion as a medium to disseminate Chinese traditional culture, strengthens the international cooperation and exchange among institutions of higher education, makes different design cultures, design ideas and design methods blend, collide, draw lessons from and learn from each other, and carry on the innovative redesign in the aspects of form and function, materials, technology and etc. This activity also shows the new fashion innovation ideas and new state of mind of contemporary Chinese college students so as to promote the professional and academic development of the institution. At the same time, this activity uses professional exchange as a platform to understand and learn from foreign folk cultures and advanced professional design concepts, to improve their professional qualities and skills, and to promote the people-to-people exchange and friendship among the three countries, and to expand the One Belt and One Road in the world.

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