The School of Education Held the Second “Readers” Classic Poetry Reading Contest

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On the evening of November 20, the second “Readers” classic poem recitation contest was jointly held by the school league committee and the school of education in the auditorium of the comprehensive building. Vice President Lou Binchao attended the contest. More than 800 teachers and students witnessed the audio-visual feast.

The competition invited as judges young actor Wu Zhuqing, Shanghai drama art center, Wu Qiuyun, director of publicity department of the party committee, Xiao Fenglin, deputy director of the academic affairs office, Sheng Yi, secretary of the communist youth league committee of the university, and Chen Huizhong, director of the foreign Chinese department.

After the preliminary round, a total of 12 players entered the final. The competition is divided into the classical group and the modern group. First, second and third prizes are awarded in each group. The competition is mainly based on the theme of poetry and prose, the readers’ language expression, emotion, body language and stage style.

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