Nursing Students Won Prizes in the Shanghai International Nursing Skills Competition

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2019-11-25Views:10

On November 16, the 9th Shanghai international nursing skills competition final, sponsored by Shanghai education committee and Shanghai modern nursing vocational education group, was held in Shanghai health medical college. With the theme of “maternal love entrusts life, nursing creates health”, 34 teams from 7 countries and regions and domestic nursing schools participated in the competition. Chen Yi and Sun Wenlei, 2016 nursing students of international medical technology college, participated in this competition for the first time on behalf of the school. After fierce competition, they finally won the second prize in the domestic school group.

The competition is divided into three teams: foreign team, school team and hospital team. The competition introducesUSES international standards for reference, takes nursing assessment, humanistic care, nursing skills and health education ability as the key points, comprehensively tests the communication, humanistic care, teamwork, clinical thinking and other professional abilities of nursing staff. Under the leadership of Zhao Aiping, vice President of the international medical technology college, and Yue Liping, vice director of the clinical teaching department, the participating students were not afraid of rivals and calmly confronted with each other, which showed the elegant demeanor of Sanda nursing staff.

It is understood that this competition has been included in the Shanghai municipal discipline competition supported by the Shanghai municipal education commission in 2019, aiming to improve nursing skills, improve talent training, enhance Shanghai's international nursing ability and promote the integrated development of the Yangtze river delta.

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