Fall Campus Job Fair Was Held in the Fall and 24 Graduates Completed On-site Signing

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From November 13th to 14th, the employment guidance office of the student education department organized and held two comprehensive job fairs for the 2020 graduates of our school. 300 enterprises attended the conference, providing more than 1,100 jobs from more than 10 industries including information technology service industry, financial industry, catering and accommodation industry, social service industry and medical food industry. This provided employment opportunities for students of different majors. Deputy secretary of the university party committee Chen Wei, director of student education department Zhong Weilin, dean of Shengxiang Business School Chen Weizhong and some teachers visited the job fair. They communicate with enterprises to understand the recruitment needs of talents and encouraged fresh graduates to seize the opportunity to find employment as soon as possible. A total of 1024 resumes were sent to 115 enterprises on site.

Chen Wei said that “As a teacher, our initial intention is for every student; As a school, our mission is to cultivate more talents for the society. We hope that students could work and learn after leaving school, and be grateful to the society, grateful to the school. Wei Yi expressed his gratitude to the school on behalf of the company, adding that the group would do its best to provide broad development space for graduates, hoping that students can adapt to the new environment as soon as possible and complete the role transformation from college students to professionals. Zhang Hao, as the representative of the graduates, said he was very happy to sign the employment agreement now. He thanked the enterprise for its recognition and protection, and thanked the school for providing employment platform. In addition, to provide more career guidance services to students, activities such as career carnival and special training for postgraduate entrance examination will be launched in the near future.

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