Mr. Norbert Noisser and Mr. Andreas Damrau from the State of Hessen, Germany Visits Sanda University

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Author: Wei Ju, International Exchange & Cooperation Office

Translator: Lianping He

Mr. Norbert Noisser, Chief of Office of Foreign Trade, Location Policy, Trade Fairs and Development Cooperation, Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transportation and Housing, State of Hessen, and Mr. Andreas Damrau, Senior Manager, Hessen Trade and Invest, State of Hessen, Germany, visited Sanda University on December 16th, 2019 and gave lectures to students. Ms. Li Li, Assistant to the President and Director of International Exchange & Cooperation Office, Ms. Jia Wei, Chief of Office of Organization and Ms. Minyun Chen, Deputy Dean of Sheng Xiang School of Business and others attended the reception.


Ms. Li Li first expressed her sincere welcome, on behalf of Sanda University, to the German guests and introduced the basic situation of the institution to them. Later, Mr. Andreas Damrau gave a lecture on cross-cultural communication in Sino-German business communication to the students of Shengxiang School of Business. Mr. Norbert Noisserintroduced the trade relations between the State of Hessen and China, and shared his views on the global economic situation under the trade frictions between China and the United States. The lecture hall was permeated with a warm atmosphere, and the interaction between the lecturer and the students was very frequently. The students all expressed that they had learned about the common knowledge of cross-cultural communication in Sino-German business communication and the current economic situation of the world.


        Mr. Norbert Noisser and Mr. Andreas Damrau also visited Sanda Student Cafeteria, Comprehensive Experiment and Practical Training Center, Jin Mi Feng Student Practice Training Base, Comprehensive Building and other campus and teaching-learning facilities. They were very impressed by the beautiful campus of Sanda and spoke highly of the investment in the institutional teaching-learning and practical training facilities for students.

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