2019 Exhibition of Excellent Graduation Design Works from the School of Art and Design Has Lowered the Curtain

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In order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and showcase the teaching and learning achievements of Sanda teachers and students, the School of Art and Design held an exhibition of excellent graduation design works from April 25 to June 14, 2019. These works were exhibited in the public space on the first and second floors of the comprehensive building. On June 13th, the closing ceremony and award ceremony of the exhibition was held. Xi Yueliang, President and honorary President of the School of Art and Design, Wang Ye and Wan Xuan, vice presidents, attended the ceremony and presented awards to the students.

The theme of this graduation project is “tribute”, which aims to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. The exhibition includes sections of serving the society, inheriting culture and redesigning classics. It displays about 140 pieces of real works and exhibition boards of some 2019 graduates majoring in visual communication design, environmental design and product design.

Since the opening of the exhibition on April 25, the exhibition has received visiting delegations from Taiwan Chunghwa University, Taiwan Shixin University, Shanghai Jiguang Vocational and Technical College, Caolu town enterprise and other institutions. On May 13, School leaders, Zhu Shaozhong, Chen Yiyi, Wang Fuming, Jia Qiaoping, Chen Wei, Lou Binchao, paid a visit. President Chen Yiyi pointed out after the exhibition that students of Sanda can also find a suitable path for our own development. The combination of students’ design works with software engineering and medical technology is an exploration of interdisciplinary talent cultivation. Zhu Shaozhong, secretary of the party committee, stood in front of the work “Close to People in Plain Language -- Poster Design Related to President Xi”, saying that the work is the combination of art, ideological and political thoughts, and the culture of Sanda, which is an effective practice of ideological and political courses.

The exhibited works reflect the students’ attempts to redesign classics, inherit traditional culture, and express artistically public welfare undertakings. With recommendation from the defense committee of the school, the school organized external experts to conduct selection, and finally selected 8 groups of school-level excellent graduation design works and 12 groups of department-level excellent graduation design. The dean said that the certificate of graduation design was not only a recognition of the design ability of graduates, but also a valuable spiritual wealth, which can inspire students to make persistent efforts and scale new heights after they step into the society. The new era brings both unlimited opportunities and challenges to young people. Graduates should set ambitious goals, have a global vision, think internationally, be knowledgeable and thoughtful, study hard and practice bravely.

At the award ceremony, the outstanding graduates of the college presented flowers to their tutors, expressing their gratitude and blessings to them as they left the school.

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