Students from the School of Management Won the Tenth BIM application skills Contest

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Recently, in the tenth national universities students “THS Cup” Building Information Model (BIM) Application Skills Contest, students from the school of management, Dai Wenxin, Zhao Beini, Hang ShengJia, Wang Qian, Liu Songang represented our school and won four awards in the contest.

The BIM competition is based on the building information model. According to the concept of collaborative work, students of architecture, civil engineering, construction equipment, engineering management and other related majors cooperate with each other to fulfill the important roles of designers, cost engineers and construction engineers in the industrial chain. The competition involves four parts: engineering design, green building analysis, project cost and project management. In the competition, members of the participating teams are required to make judgments and decisions through mutual cooperation. After the first round of the competition, the budget works are displayed through BIM special supporting series of software, and team confrontation is conducted at the final site to determine the winning team.

Since the online promotion contest was launched in January, more than 2,000 teams and more than 10,000 students have submitted their entries. Through the network selection, 463 teams from 459 colleges and universities were selected to the finals. Under the guidance of our teachers, the team of four students participated in the competition and had more than four months of careful preparation and training before the competition. In the process of the competition, although they were a little nervous when faced with the challenge of new questions, sufficient pre-competition preparation enabled them to withstand the pressure, calmly cope with the battle, unite and cooperate, and play their own level, and finally achieve excellent results.

After the competition, the students said, “When we looked back on the whole process, every achievement of our school team in this competition embodies the hard work of teachers and students. In addition to enhancing our professional knowledge, we can also feel the power of teamwork. When encountering difficulties, we don't give up, but encourage each other, and finally get good results.”

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