Students from the School of Fashion Won the First Prize in the 2019 Chinese School Uniform Design Competition

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2019-06-03Views:171

The 2019 Chinese School Uniform Design Competition has been held recently to inherit outstanding traditional culture and create classic campus clothing brands. After the preliminary review, online review, final and exhibition sessions, the work of Song Ziwen, Song Zihan and Jin Zijie, from the School of Fashion, stood out from 736 works and won the first prize in the kindergarten clothing group of the competition.

The work was jointly completed by the school and the famous brand of infants “Liyingfang”. During the design process, the students received guidance from professional teachers, using children’s words to show their vigorous spirits, choosing PVC materials combined with tubes, and adopting classical and stylish original print designs.

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