Sanda Held Summer Internship Recruitment Fair and Double Selection Meeting for Fresh Graduates

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In order to promote the positive interaction between students and enterprises, and timely understand the talent needs of enterprises and markets, the 2019 summer internship recruitment fair and this year’s graduate career choice double selection fair was held on the second floor of the gymnasium on May 22. A total of 120 enterprises and public institutions participated in the event, providing 422 jobs and attracting nearly 1,000 students. Companies received 516 resumes and showed interest in 207 of them.

This activity builds an interactive exchange and mutual choice platform for students and enterprises. Among them, the summer internship recruitment fair is mainly for students in our school, covering computer software development, education and training, architectural engineering, new media network and other disciplines, aiming to help students improve their practical ability, accumulate internship experience in enterprises, consolidate professional knowledge, and lay a solid foundation for graduation and employment.

A sophomore majoring in international economy and trade, was interviewed for the internship position of purchasing assistant of ABB China co., ltd. at the job fair and was successfully employed. According to the enterprise, the purchasing assistant post requires a high level of comprehensive ability, proficient application of office software, such as PPT making and PS technology, and good communication skills. The student said, “I am very happy to find an internship related to my major in my sophomore year. I hope I can apply what I have learned in school to practice, consolidate my knowledge and improve my personal ability at the same time.”

Zhang Jianping, Deputy Director of the employment office, said that through communication with enterprises, they knew that enterprises were very willing to contact students with strong initiative. She encourages students to communicate with enterprises boldly and bravely, express themselves to get recognition from the other side, have a clear positioning of themselves, and choose suitable positions according to their major and personality. In addition, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management also held a job fair on May 23.

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