Sanda Has Built a School-Enterprise Training Base with Shanghai Disneyland Resort

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2019-06-03Views:505

On the afternoon of May 20th, the opening ceremony of “school-enterprise cooperation training base” between Sanda and Shanghai Disney resort was held in the hotel training center of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management. The two parties further discussed about building an integrated environment of industry and education, and opening up an all-round and multi-form cooperation mode. Zhu Chengqiang, Dean of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Zhu Yuanchun, Director of School-enterprise Cooperation Department and Dean of Double Innovation College, Shen Yi, former Director of Employment Guidance Office, representatives of Shanghai Disney Resort, and some Sanda teachers and students, attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Mr. Zhu Yuanchun reviewed the years of cooperation between the two parties and discussed the goals and models of future cooperation. After the ceremony, Mr. Zhu Chengqiang introduced the professional construction of the college. He said that the college always upheld the concept of “unity of knowledge and action, integration of industry and education”, and established good relations with a number of well-known domestic and foreign tourism enterprise. As Sanda set a foundation of mutual trust and friendly cooperation with the Shanghai Disney resort, it is looking forward to in-depth collaboration and exchanges between both sides in practice base construction, personnel training, and internships.

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