Students’ Micro Films from the School of Communication are Shown at the Sanchuang Center

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On May 15, in order to display the classroom teaching results and improve the student’ professional ability, 13 micro films shot by students majoring in network and new media from the School of Communication were exhibited and shown in the Sanchuang center of our school. Attendees of the exhibitions were Chen Xiaomeng, Director of Graphic and Text Information Center of Shanghai Academy of Visual Arts, Qi Qing, Chairman of the department of film and television at Shanghai normal university, Shi Ying, Vice director of academic affair at Xianda School of Economics and Humanities, Shanghai international studies university, Zhu Qi, Executive director of Innovation Research Institute, Dr. Tao Yijun, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Lin Lin, department head of Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, and Li Li, Director of the School of Journalism at Sanda.

The activity showcased the micro film works completed by students in a group for the course “micro film creation”. The teacher of the course was Sun Zemin, the former director of the editor-in-chief office of Shanghai TV station and the founder of the program “news perspective”. Before reporting the exhibition activity, Sun said that the exhibition activity was organized in hopes of taking this precious opportunity to invite industry experts to give professional guidance to students, so as to improve their professional quality and build a platform for students to communicate and learn from each other.

In the exhibition, directors of the 13 micro film works all elaborated the creative inspiration, conception and conception of the works.

Among them, Liu Huimin’s work “The Definition of Happiness” received warm applause after the exhibition. Zhu Qi commented: “Happiness is meeting needs. The story of the whole expression is very complete, both the way of expression and conception are very in place.

Sun said Li’s work, “My Graduation Season”, was a hard-earned film. After Li’s plan was rejected twice, he was undaunted and changed the plan again and again. The original idea was different from the result, but the work was well finished, which was out of the teacher’s expectation and made the teacher feel very proud of his students. Chen Haotian’s work “redemption” tells the story of betrayal between brothers because of their own selfish desire, and the end of the anti-transfer film has been sublimated. The superb acting skills, professional shooting techniques and high-quality color palette of the actors have won unanimous praise from experts and applause from the audience.

Students at present said, “Micro film creation course provides us with an exclusive stage, so that we can perform extraordinary stories in the ordinary life, find a different self in the performance, and start a different micro film journey.”

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