The School of Education Has Established a Training and Research Center for Primary Education

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On the morning of May 21, the School of Education set up the primary education training and research center. Wang Fuming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Sanda, and Tang Xinzhen, Chairman of the People’s Congress of Caolu Town, Pudong District. Major attendees were headmasters of some primary schools, Fan Jianhua, Dean of the School of Education, and Fang Mingsheng, Vice President of the School of Education.

At the meeting, Fan Jianhua announced the establishment of the center and read out the list of members of the center council. Fang Mingsheng made a brief introduction to the general situation of the primary school major and the establishment process of the center. Primary school education major in our school was set up in 2015, and started to take in students in 2017, aiming to train comprehensive type talents of high quality. The major has signed deals with many schools in Zhejiang and Shanghai, promoting the cooperation of the training and professional development for teachers of primary school education.

In the speech, Tang Xinzhen pointed out that education was an important core part of a city and supported the hope of every family. Under the current social background and educational situation, it is quite necessary for Sanda to lead the establishment of a training and research center for primary education, which reflects the social responsibility of private universities, implements the spirit of general secretary Xi’s speech at the national conference on ideological and political work in colleges and universities, and is also a practical measure to implement the spirit of the Shanghai education conference. The establishment of the center has set up a good platform for the cooperation between schools. It is hoped that the center can organize various research, learning and practical activities, contribute to the construction of education goals in Caolu, and promote the transformation of Caolu from a big education town to a strong education town.

Wang fuming congratulated on the establishment of the center and briefed the participants on the basic situation of the school. The establishment of the training center, she said, connected the major construction of Sanda and the development of local elementary schools, making teachers and students contribute to the development of regional education, and providing students with primary school internship opportunities under the guidance of a mentor. This is an important work for our university as an application-oriented undergraduate university to serve the local construction. She stressed that the primary school education major of our school should take this center as the core platform, actively contact all governing units, organize academic research and exchange activities between the school and primary schools, jointly apply for education and scientific research projects, organize and guide students to enter the school for internship and serve the community. At the same time, the school also hopes to get the support of the central units in each primary school to find and hire a number of politically strong teachers as professional training instructors, so that the school professional construction and the development of education in the region can be mutually beneficial and win-win.

At the meeting, Hui Zhong, professor of Shanghai Normal University, deputy secretary-general of the national steering committee for primary education and teaching, and chief professor of the education and teaching studio of our school of education, put forward several opinions on the establishment of the training and research center for primary education. First, the establishment of the center echoes the national requirements for the transformation of teacher education majors. Primary and secondary school teachers are not a simple teacher, but should be regarded as an educator, so teacher’s professional training should be a lifelong process. It is necessary to adhere to the “UGS” (university, government, school) trinity of teacher training mechanism, build a common platform for cooperation and sharing of resources conducive to cultivating students’ practical ability, training qualified teachers. Second, the establishment of the center echoes the demand for high-quality teachers and excellent teacher training in today’s society. The more basic the education, the higher the requirement of the comprehensive quality of teachers. The major of primary education cannot cultivate outstanding teachers with all-round development of morality, knowledge and ability without the cooperation with basic education schools. At the same time, the professional development of teachers should continue in their career, and school-local cooperation to jointly promote the professionalization and integration of teacher training as the inevitable requirement of The Times.

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