The Department of Spanish Held the Ninth Cervantes Cultural Festival

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On the afternoon of May 15, the 9th Cervantes Cultural Festival of the Spanish Department was held in the Xie Xide Hall. Chen Quan -- Director of the Spanish Department, Cha Dong -- General Manager Import and Export Trading co., LTD., Cesar Rojas and Angela Tirado, -- Director of Peru ESAME Group, Juan Arevalo -- foreign teacher of the Spanish Department, and all the teachers and students of the department attended the activity.

After Chen’s opening speech, the student representatives who participated in this year’s F1 Chinese grand prix and horticultural expo made a keynote speech, sharing the importance of attaching importance to English while learning Spanish and giving full play to the diversity of languages of the students from the School of foreign languages.

Students from the Spanish Department have demonstrated their imagination, creativity, solid Spanish language skills and oral ability through poetry recitation, dubbing performance, Spanish songs, Spanish word guessing, melodrama and other forms.

Finally, led by Chen Quan, all the teachers and students sang the Spanish folk song “Cielito lindo” (beautiful little angel), which pushed the atmosphere to the climax.

Named after Miguel DE Cervantes Saavedra, the grandmaster of world literature and the father of modern Spanish novels, the Cervantes festival is one of the world’s most important arts festivals. The Cervantes cultural festival, as a feature of the Spanish language, aims to improve students’ language skills, enhance their humanistic quality, while deepening students’ understanding of the Spanish giant and his works, and promoting cultural exchanges and research.

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