Sanda Counselors Received Award in the National Private College Counselor Work Forum

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On May 9-12, during the fifth session of the national private colleges counselors work peak forum, Guan Qiaoling, the student counselor from the media college won the “2019 national excellent private colleges counselors” honorary title, and Zhou Shixin applied for “class diary - emotional interaction” that won the “2019 national private university class management innovation case first prize. Zhou was selected as a representative of awardees to share the case.

Guan Qiaoling is a counselor in the department of journalism, school of communication of our university. Since 2009, she has been teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. She has conducted ideological education and guidance for students by classifying students into files and creating WeChat public account for official conversations. While making continuous efforts to improve her professional level, she also learned and accumulated various working experience, and obtained many professional skills certificates such as “career consultant” and “entrepreneurship consultant”. On campus, she also served as the teacher of career education and entrepreneurship foundation for college students, guiding students to make reasonable career planning and entrepreneurship through theory teaching and group discussion. She won the second prize in the 2018 Shanghai university “situation and policy” teaching competition, 2017-2018 Shanghai Sanda outstanding instructor, and other honors.

Zhou Shixin has been working in the school for 16 years and has always been rooted in the frontline of student work. She published 9 papers, and presided over 4 university-level and city-level projects. She has been awarded outstanding instructor of Shanghai college student career planning competition, outstanding tutor of innovation and entrepreneurship achievements of the university, and other honors.

On the forum, Zhou started with three questions “how to carry out effective and high quality in-class education management, how to timely grasp student’s thought trends, how to introduce in-depth communication with students”. She further clarifies the class diary’s positive role of counselor class management. According to her, the class diary can reduce counselor work burden, improve work efficiency, improve class cohesion, enhance collective sense of honor, improve the class cadre work subjective initiative, form an emotional management atmosphere, and cultivate students’ self-management ability. Zhou put that “we should be educators with heart, carry out education with emotion, and always practice and never forget the original intention of education.”

It is reported that the national private college counselors work peak forum has been held for five years. It includes special reports, theme salon, forum exchanges, institution visit and other forms.

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