The School of International Medical Technology Held Celebration Activities for the “International Nurse Day”

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In order to celebrate the 108th International Nurse Day and to commemorate the spirit of Florence Nightingale, the School of International Medical Technology held celebration activities on May 9 with the theme of “Leading Voice -- Health for all. The activities include first aid skills display, student graduation thesis report, cap ceremony, performance, etc. Zhu Shaozhong, Chairman of the board and Party Secretary, delivered a speech for the activities. Vice President, Jia Qiaoping, Dean Xu Yan, and other college leaders, together with teachers and students of nursing department, attended the activities.

Zhu pointed out in the opening speech that Nightingale’s spirit is to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, to have the courage of devotion. He believed that students from the School of International Medical Technology, receiving professional training and practicing, would become qualified medical staff with love and wisdom after graduation in the future.

In the Red Cross first aid skill demonstration, the students of the nursing department of 2016 showed their skillful operation through orderly movements. In the student graduation thesis report session, Lu Yixuan and other three students reported their thesis and design.

In the cap awarding ceremony, the students wore the nurse’s clothes and were awarded the dove tail cap symbolizing sanctity by senior nurses. They also received the candles in the hands of the senior nurses, which means “burn yourself to illuminate others”. They inherited the spirit of Nightingale and protected the patients with their own practical actions, love and responsibility. Led by Wang Qiongfang, a teacher from the school the students took the oath.

Xu Yan said in the speech: “The theme mainly focuses on the role and influence of a nurse in the field of health care services, and stresses that a good nurse should have adequate ability, better serve the needs of patients' health, and thus cope with the multiple challenges facing in the field of medical and health services.” She told the students that through only hard work could they make the best of themselves.

In the awarding ceremony of skill competitions on the Nurse Day, Chen Yi and Sima Zanqi, were respectively awarded the first prize of nursing English skill competition and clinical comprehensive skill competition. Wei Qi was presented the first prize of all-around nursing skill operation competition.

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