The School of Tourism and Hotel Management Was Awarded “Best Partner Institution” of the Waldorf Astoria

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Recently, some teachers and students from the School of Tourism and Hotel Management of our school were invited to participate in the professional experience activity held by Waldorf Astoria at the bund of Shanghai. During the event, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management was awarded the 2019 “Best Partner Institution” of Waldorf Astoria.

This activity is divided into six parts: “warm-up”, “walk into the Hilton together”, “meet Waldorf”, “you are future hotel expert”, “time with WA” and “WA hall of fame”. Students communicated and interacted with each other through games. The front-line staff and senior management of the hotel shared the details of their work and their growth process with teachers and students.

Through this activity, teachers and students of the college had a wide communication with hotel executives to discuss issues related to the future career planning of the hotel major, so as to help students expand their thinking in future study and internship, and to deepen the cooperative relationship between our school and Hilton Hotel management group.

It is reported that the School of Tourism and Hotel Management and Waldorf Astoria have maintained a long-term collaborative relationship between university and industry. Every year, the school will send students to the hotel for internship, who actively participate in the interactive experience and other activities held by the hotel.

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