Prof. Liu Guanzhong, “Father of Chinese Industrial Design”, Gave a Lecture on “Design Thinking” to Sanda Students

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To consolidate students’ professional knowledge and teach students design thinking, on the afternoon of April 24, the School of Art and Design invited Liu Guanzhong, a well-known scholar from Tsinghua University and an industrial design expert in our country to deliver a lecture on “design thinking”. All the teachers and sophomore, junior students attended the lecture.

In the lecture, Prof. Liu took “design thinking” as the topic, expounded that design was a reformatted thinking and that designers needed to change from “creation” to “planning”, and shared his own development process in industrial design ideas based on practical experiences and current hot cases. He pointed out that the understanding of “beautification” of design was far from enough, and that there was an essential difference between design and art.

Prof. Liu emphatically explained the methodology of design science, stressed the importance of abstract thinking, cross-border innovation and being close to life, and taught students how to cultivate their ability of “discovery, thinking and innovation” in future industrial design. He pointed out that although China has been known as a big manufacturing country, it is crucial for China to make greater breakthroughs in industrial design and find its own way of innovation to promote the cultivation of design talents in order to transform itself and achieve industrial upgrading. At the same time, he reminded the students, “we must have ideals when engaged in design. The spirit of learning tradition cannot float on the surface. Design is the third kind of human wisdom in addition to science and art. China’s design has just begun, and the road is still very long. As a Chinese, we should have a high sense of responsibility and national honor, shoulder the task of our country's development, and unswervingly design for the people’s real needs for a better life.

In the interactive part of the lecture, Prof. Liu answered the students’ questions about the relationship between design and industry, and the theory of jurisprudence on the spot. Combined with the current situation, he also put forward opinions and suggestions on the future study and design of students.

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