The School of Tourism and Hotel Management Held a Lecture on “Hotel Career Planning”

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On the afternoon of April 24, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management of our university invited Liu Suyu, human resources director of Shanghai Addison hotel, to Jiashan Guangbiao College to give a special lecture on general manager for 2017 hotel management students. The lecture is divided into four sections “hotel service industry trend”, “hotel basic knowledge”, “hotel professional requirements”, and “intern skills requirements”, comprehensively teaching students the current situation of hotel industry development and talent demand.

From inns that meet the most basic needs of guests to modern high-tech hotels, Liu believes that the rapid development of the hotel industry has made great contributions to the development of the society, and at the same time has created many jobs, providing a bright employment prospect for students majoring in hotel management. As a hotel practitioner with 12 years of experience in human resource management of high-end hotels, Liu proposed that suitable hotel professionals have certain common features in personality -- love to deal with people, be able to provide personalized service to different types of guests and be enthusiastic about the hotel career. Secondly, today’s hotels also put forward new requirements on the skills of professionals -- hard skills and soft skills, especially the cultivation of soft skills -- emotional intelligence, work attitude, service awareness, way of thinking and so on. In addition, Liu believes that students should learn about working conditions and functions of various departments of the hotel in advance through internship, consultation and other ways, and make personal career planning according to their own advantages and personal interests.

In addition, knowing that the students were going to have an internship in the hotel, Liu made an in-depth analysis of common problems in the internship from the professional perspective of human resources. In the Q&A session, students asked questions about the difficulties and questions they may encounter in the hotel industry. Liu made patient and detailed professional explanations one by one, which gave students a clearer idea of their career planning.

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