The Appointment Ceremony of Su Dechang as Honorary Professor was held by the Japanese Department

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On the afternoon of April 23, Professor Zhu Shaozhong, Chairman of the board and Secretary of the party committee of the university, presented the appointment letter on behalf of the university to Professor Su Dechang. Professor Shi Xiaowei, Deputy Dean of the school of foreign languages and head of the Japanese department, Professor Tian Jianguo, Deputy Director of the Japanese department, and other teachers of the Japanese department attended the appointment ceremony.

Professor Su was born in October 1935 in Japan to a famous mathematician, Mr. Su Buqing. After graduating from the department of mathematical mechanics at Peking University, he worked as an assistant professor there. He was admitted to the mathematics department of Fudan University as a graduate student in 1962, specializing in partial differential equations and hypersonic aerodynamics under the supervision of Professor Gu Chaohao. He graduated in 1966 and remained on campus as a teaching assistant. He worked at Fudan University for more than 20 years, during which he served successively as Director of the Japanese teaching and research office of the department of foreign languages, Deputy Director of the Japan research center of Fudan University, Executive Director of Shanghai Japan research association, Vice President of China Japanese teaching research association, and Deputy Director of the Japanese textbook compilation and review committee of the ministry of education. He was one of the first Chinese scholars to visit Japan and made outstanding contributions to the development of Japanese teaching in China and the friendship between China and Japan.

After the appointment ceremony, Professor Su had a cordial discussion with the teachers of our school. Professor Zhu said that it was a great honor for our school to invite Professor Su, a cross-field scholar with profound academic attainments, to be an honorary professor of our school. Under the leadership of Professor Su, we will surely better promote the teaching reform and scientific research work of the Japanese department and cultivate more talents useful to the society. Professor Su spoke highly of the teaching level and scientific research ability of the Japanese department of our university and firmly believed that the development prospect of the Japanese department would be better and better.

After the meeting, Professor Su also gave a lecture to the Japanese department students in our school, sharing his life experience and encouraging them to work hard despite difficulties, acquire solid theoretical knowledge, actively participate in practice and make contributions to the society.

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