2019 Academic Seminar on Financial Big Data and Quantitative Research was Held in Sanda

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On April 20th, the academic seminar on financial big data and quantitative research in 2019 was held in our school, sponsored by the Financial Quantitative Analysis and Computing Professional Committee of the Chinese Association for Crossed Sciences and undertaken by Sanda and Beijing Juyuan Ruisi Data Technology Co., LTD. President Chen Yiyi attended and introduced the basic situation of our school to the guests. Gong Zizheng, President and Secretary-general of the Chinese society for interdisciplinarysciences, and Mao Erwan,deputy director of the financial quantitative analysis and computing committee, attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Feng Weiguo, Vice President of our school.

In the theme report session, Yue Songqing, general manager of Beijing Juyuan Ruisi Data Technology Co., ltd. gave a speech on Ruisi data’s teaching and research support in the field of financial big data and quantitative research. Sun Qian, professor at Fudan university, gave an academic report titled “Fintech and its application”, introducing the classification, application and relevant cases of Fintech. Lu Yao, associate professor of Tsinghua university, introduced the content, method and development trend of academic research on corporate finance in the report entitled “The Current Situation and Development Trend of Academic Research on Corporate Finance”. Ni Jun, professor of our school, made a report entitled “Quantitative Analysis of Financial Big Data Based on Artificial Function, discussing the relationship between financial big data and intelligent technology from the perspective of interdisciplinary. Zhang Shunming, professor of Renmin University of China, made an academic report entitled “Whether Institutional Investors Have Insider Information”, which described the influence relationship between the information advantage of institutional investors and trading volatility. Subsequently, Li Hongquan, professor of Hunan Normal University, Pan Huifeng, professor of University of International Business and Economics, Zhang Guosheng, professor of Beijing university of materiel, Feng Jianfen, associate professor of University of International Business and Economics, and Li Qing, postdoctoral fellow of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law made relevant special reports.

Experts, professors and researchers from financial institutions of relevant departments of domestic universities and colleges attended the meeting and delivered keynote speeches on “the application of big data in the field of quantitative investment”, “trading behavior of financial market and big data analysis and decision-making”, and “deep learning and big financial data”. Participants said that they learned more about the frontier research of financial big data and quantitative finance from the reports of experts and professors, and benefited a lot from the exchange and learning with other scholars.

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