Students from School of Communication Performed Well in the Academy Award of Chinese University Students Advertising Art Festival

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Recently, sponsored by the China Advertising Association, and undertaken by Advertising People, the Advertising Festival of the 16th Chinese university students released the winning list for the academy award. Lu Yi and other five students received an excellent award for their joint work, and other five works by Sanda students also won prizes.

As the instructor of the entries, Zhang Mengjie, a teacher from the school of communication, affirmed the enthusiasm of students in participating in the competition. Participating in the festival not only improves students’ critical thinking skills, but also maximizes the use of knowledge taught in class, she said. On the other hand, when competing with competitors from other universities, students can find their own strengths and weaknesses and thus improve their professional quality.

Enterprise representatives shared their brand connotations and values with students, and proposed questions on the advertisement proposition, the target consumer group and the marketing goal and so on. Our school students actively replied. Zhang Mengjie said that participating in the lecture tour not only clarified the proposition requirements of various enterprises, but also opened up new ideas and generated new creative thinking for the proposition setting of participating in the competition, which further deepened and consolidated students’ understanding of the corporate brand image.

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