Students from School of Foreign Languages Participated in Volunteer Work for F1 China Grand Prix

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2019-04-29Views:42

From April 12 to 14, the 2019 Formula One China Grand Prix was held in Shanghai International Circuit. Seventeen students majoring in English and Spanish from our School of Foreign Languages participated in the volunteer work for the event.

This event is the 16th Formula One World Championship held in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the F1), and F1 1000th race in the tournament. Sanda student volunteers mainly undertook airport transfer, translation, site services and other related work. The volunteers were warm and thoughtful winning commendations from the organizers, “Sanda students dare to bear hardships and take on responsibilities.”

After a few days’ work, students participating in the volunteer service said they harvested a lot. Yu Shuai, an English major, put that communicating with foreign visitors gave them the opportunity to practice English. Zhao Yilin said that F1 was a lifetime experience, that it was important to master a foreign language in international competitions and make use of the other cultures to communicate, and that team success depended on everyone fulfilling his duties.

In recent years, School of Foreign Languages has attached great importance to combining professional work with social service work, and encouraged students to participate in the volunteer activities of various exhibitions and events such as the expo and F1. It not only gives full play to what foreign language major students have learned in daily life, but also exercises their comprehensive quality and ability. It also encourages students to go out of the ivory tower and take the initiative to shoulder social responsibility, making a modest contribution to the building of Shanghai as an international metropolis.

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