The Library Held a Seminar on “Finding back our Searching”

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2019-04-24Views:38

To help teachers and students to master the method of literature search and use library resources to further improve the scientific research ability, a lecture was held on April 10 in the library on “finding back our searching”. Ma Le from Superstar Database and Jia Chuanli from Wanfang Database were invited to share the method and technique in using databases, and respond to teachers’ problems when using in databases.

Before the lecture, Chen Shaochuan, director of our library, said that the library should innovate in its future work and enrich the literature resources by improving the use of the database. At the same time, more practical and targeted lectures will be held for school readers, so as to give full play to the value of all kinds of library resources, improve the influence of various featured services of the library, and enhance the information literacy and information retrieval ability of teachers and students.

After the lecture, some teachers said that they benefited a lot from the lecture, which not only deepened their understanding of the digital resources in the library, but also improved their ability to use and operate the digital resources.

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