The College of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Launched the Third Campus Entrepreneurship Fair

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In order to enrich the extracurricular life of Sanda students, their enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship, and provide opportunities for relevant practice, the school of innovation and entrepreneurship of our school held the third SDU entrepreneurship fair and set up 120 stalls.

As an important part of our school’s entrepreneurship and innovation education, this fair not only sets up stalls for sale, but also integrates public welfare elements. Jinqiao international commercial plaza provides a batch of goods for the fair as charity goods. At the same time, the students participating in the charity sale are all students with financial difficulties in our school. The proceeds from the charity sale are used to support their study and life.

At the scene, the colorful lights on the corridor and the unique selling sound created a different atmosphere for this activity, which attracted many passing students to choose their favorite commodities at the stalls, experience the different campus market atmosphere, and feel the fun of entrepreneurship. The fair offers a wide variety of goods, including childhood snacks, DIY jewelry, traditional Chinese costume photography, amber wax, clothing accessories, homemade food and many other categories.

Reporters learned that some students participated in the event out of interest, some intended to practice marketing ability, some aimed to promote their own entrepreneurial projects, and others wanted to complete the entrepreneurial class assignment. “The fair is not only a good practice, but also an opportunity to combine what we have learned with practice,”said Zhang Manyi, a student from the school of communication, “I used what I learned in the class of New Media Marketing and made a good profit.” Ma Mingxin, a student from Shengxiang Business School, said “I have gained a lot from participating in the campus entrepreneurship fair. It is a very happy and touching thing to see what you have done is liked and recognized by others through such activities.”

Ma Yinchuan from the school of media said, “the activity gives students a very good practice platform, provides an opportunity to exercise their own entrepreneurial skills for students.” Xu Jinhao, a student of the school of fashion, said “by participating in the activity, we can make people understand the hardship and difficulty of starting a business in the process of selling, so that they can choose more down-to-earth entrepreneurial projects and lay a foundation for starting a business in the future.”

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