The Department of Tourism Management Held a Lecture on Career Planning for Tourism Talents

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On the afternoon of April 10, the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management invited Shen Yun, senior vice president and chief economist of Golden Palm Enterprise, to Jiashan Guangbiao Campus to deliver a lecture titled “career planning of tourism talents in the new era” for students majoring in tourism management. The lecture is divided into three parts: “new era, new technology, new revolution”, “new revolution of tourism industry -- intelligent travel service”, “new tourism formats, calling for new talents”, to impart students professional knowledge.

In the lecture, Miss Shen proposed that the big data technology of tourism was necessary for the new era, new technology and new changes. With the upgrading of tourism consumption and the critical period of the transformation of the tourism industry, the concept of “big data” was needed to understand the demands of the tourism market and improve the service quality. She believed that traditional travel agencies lacked a sense of crisis, but this concept in particular needed to be changed, and smart travel service was the future trend. At the same time, she put forward a new model of reshaping the operation and management of tour guide e-commerce – “online tour guide”. The Internet makes travel agencies simpler, more intelligent and more efficient, so as to meet the psychological needs of consumers. This is the direction for the future development of tourism management major students.

Miss Shen believed that tourism, as an important part of the tertiary industry, had much to offer. She proposed that the tourism talent training and the employment market gap met with difficulty. She encouraged students majoring in tourism management to grasp the current opportunities and have a new understanding of the industry. She mentioned that as an enterprise with “smart travel service for future travel”, Golden Palm proposed a talent cultivation pyramid in the context of the Internet, which could be divided into three levels. The first layer is for basic skills, the second layer is for composite ability application, and the third layer is for innovation management. And the main vein of the advanced channels takes “Internet + tourism + talent training mode” as the core. She believed that knowledge learning in the direction of big data was essential, and that tourism + Internet would become the trend of tourism talent demand in the future.

During the interactive question-asking session, the present students raised questions about the current career path planning, future industry outlook, and so on. Miss Shen answered the students’ questions one by one professionally, which further clarified the future career development direction for students majoring in tourism management.

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