The application for funding from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission kicked off

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On Dec. 3rd, Sanda organized a meeting to discuss the application for the funding from     Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. This meeting was held in accordance with the requirement of the commission for the projects carried out in 2019.


After the initial preparation, the selection and the discussion, twenty-six projects were approved, which included Project of Big Data Lab, Project of the Intelligent Building Lab,  Project of Business Training Center and Project of Interpretation Lab etc. The twenty six projects were initiated based on the strategic development plan of Sanda.


At the meeting, the representatives from the administration put forward constructive suggestions and advice concerning the strategic needs, the feasibility and the practicability, and the effectiveness of the projects. They also clarified the standards and directions for the long-term arrangement and the development of the projects.


After the meeting, the application materials would be revised to be better prepared for the evaluation of the expert panel from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.


In the last few years, each university was empowered to evaluate project applications. Sanda made an effort to improve the application procedures continuously. The administration  endeavored to design the application procedures scientifically and organize the evaluation carefully. As a result, the quality of the projects was excellent.


The undertaking of the projects not only promoted the strategic development of Sanda, but also enhanced the team building of departments and the improvement of learning facilities.

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