Transnational Butler Certificate Training Program kicked off

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    On November 27th, the fourth Butler Training Class kicked off in the training center of Hospitality Department. This training program was part of a transnational certificate program between Sanda University and The International Butler Academy of Holland.


Dr. Feng Weiguo, Vice President of Sanda, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the training program. Dr. Jia Qiaoping, Vice President of Sanda, Professor Zhu Chengqiang, Dean of School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Professor Gong Fazhi, Associate Dean of School of Jiashan Guangbiao Campus, and Professor Xiao Fenglin, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Office, also took part in the ceremony. Mr. Gordon Munro, a senior lecturer  of the International Butler Academy, will work with twenty-seven Sanda students in the following six weeks.

Dr. Feng Weiguo said that this training class was an opportunity that the students should cherish. He encouraged the students to meet the challenges bravely and regard everyday as an opportunity of self-improvement in order to promote their professionalism and overall qualification.


Professor Zhu Chengqiang said that this training class had drawn attention from the experts of the industry and the society. He expressed gratitude to Sanda and especially, Mr. Munro, who came to China the fourth time to guarantee the high quality of the training.


Mr. Munro said, “I can feel the warm welcome every time I’m here. Sanda is like my home.” He also said that this training was not only about students’ learning. It was also a chance for his team to learn from the students. He hoped the students would accept and practice the essence of European butler service and the experience would benefit their future life and careers.


Ms. Chen Lin, the student representative said that she felt the pressure and the honor as well. She promised on behalf of the students that they would endeavor to become “real professionals instead of only boasting about the profession”. The remark was a quote from Dr. Feng Weiguo.

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