Dr. Setsuko Ohashi, President of International Pacific University Japan, Comes to Visit Sanda University

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Author:Meihui Li, International Exchange & Cooperation Office

Translator: Lianping He


The Japanese delegation of three led by Dr. Setsuko Ohashi, president of International Pacific University Japan, came to visit Sanda University on the afternoon of October 12th, 2018 and was warmly received by Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice President and Ms. Lefeng Zhang, Deputy Director of Office of International Cooperation, Shanghai Sanda University.

First, both sides watched video introductions to their respective institutions, and then Vice President Qiaoping Jia gave a warm welcome on behalf of Sanda University to all the guests coming from afar and provided the guests with the additional information of the latest development of Sanda institution. Both sides also conducted in-depth discussions on the schooling, curriculum of professional studies and courses with special features.

The two sides reached a consensus, through exchanging ideas and comparing notes, on signing the memorandum of cooperation between the two institutions that, both sides could start, within the framework of cooperation and exchange, a student exchange study program and short-term exchange activities, followed by the consideration and exploration of feasible cooperation in other projects such as dual-degree programs according to the actual situation of the specialties and curricula offered by both sides, looking forward to the future development of diversified cooperation in business management, fashion design, primary education, and other academic areas.

After the meeting, President Setsuko Ohashi and her party, accompanied by Deputy Director Lefeng Zhang, were invited to visit Sanda School of International Medical Technology, Library, International Cultural Experience Center, and others deepening the understanding and impression of the Japanese guests on Sanda University through the introduction to the institution’s teaching and learning facilities as well as and the accommodation conditions for overseas students.

International Pacific University Japan (IPU in short),  a private institution of higher learning established in 2007 by Japan SOSHI Educational Group following the establishment of IPU New Zealand in 1990, is situated in Okayama County, Japan, offering undergraduate education related to Business Administration, Child Education, Health Sciences and others. The IPU Japan hopes to carry out more extensive cooperation and exchange with Sanda in the future. The faculty and staff working at the International Exchange & Cooperation Office of Sanda will also, in turn, provide more and better opportunities and exchange platform for students to conduct overseas studies and international experience.

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