Guests from IMC University of Applied Sciences of Austria Visited Sanda

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On October 8th, Dr. Heinz Boyer, founder of IMC University of Applied Sciences of Austria, and Professor Karl Ennsfellner, CEO of the university, and Mrs. Andrea Stopajnik, project manager of International Affairs Office of the university, visited Sanda. Dr. Jia Qiaoping, vice president of Sanda, and Ms. Yi Miao, Assistant Director of International Affairs Office of Sanda, attended the meeting to welcome the guests.

At the meeting, Dr. Jia Qiaoping welcomed the guests on half of Sanda, and Professor Karl Ennsfellner introduced the academic programs, including summer session programs and diploma programs of IMC. The two parties also discussed the curriculum and credit systems concerning the joint diploma programs. In addition, Dr. Jia Qiaoping discussed with the guests about exchange programs, the dual degree programs and the internship programs. The two parties agreed that they would start from the summer session programs and various cooperation programs would be underway after the meeting.

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