Department of International Economics and Trade Accredited Pilot Project Funded by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2018-09-29Views:42

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission announced the latest list of the pilot projects that the commission selected to fund. These pilot projects all aim to emphasize the training of applied skills in undergraduate programs. Twenty-six departments from Shanghai higher institutions were involved, among which Department of International Economics and Trade of Sanda was also accredited and approved by the expert panel of the commission.


Department of International Economics and Trade of Sanda has positioned itself as the institution to produce future managers and executives for local governments, food imports and exports corporations and service industries. The department has worked on the pedagogy of combining the industrial practice with classroom teaching and the cooperation between the enterprises and higher institutions. The department has also strived to collaborate with the leading enterprises in the field of international trade and stick to the international conventions and professional standards.


Based on the need analysis of the talents in the field of international trade, the department has focused on the integration in two aspects, namely, the integration of international trade theories with imports and exports practices and the integration of higher institutions with the enterprises.

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