Students from School of Media Started Internship in Prestigious Media Corporations of Shanghai

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112 students from School of Media participated in a two-month-long internship program in the past summer vacation. They worked for Dragon TV, Pudong TV or other prestigious media corporations.  In the course of the program, students improved their social and professional skills in the group work with the guidance from the advisors. 

Professor Zhang Bo’an, Dean of School of Media, said that the internship program emphasized professionalism, and it was a chance for students to have first-hand experiences in their own specialized fields with the professional coaching offered by advisors. 

The students all agreed that they were able to put the theories into practice and accumulate experiences outside the classrooms in the course of the program. Liu Sitao said, “I learned how to tell a story by using cameras, how to be a playwright and how to better interact with guests in different shows.” Secondly, students were able to feel by themselves the meaning of being a media professional and realized the social responsibility of a reporter. Finally, they achieved deeper insights into the society after the program. A lot of them now have a much clearer picture of their future careers than before. 

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