Three Research Projects Accredited by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2018-09-26Views:61

Three research projects carried out by the professors of Sanda were accredited and highly appraised by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. The three projects were undertaken by Professor Xu Yan from School of International Medical Technology, Professor Chen Ying from School of Information Science and Technology, and Professor Chen Quan from School of Foreign languages respectively.

 The projects were officially approved in May of 2016, and each project lasted for two years. The funds from the municipal government ranged from 0.6 million yuan to 0.4 million yuan. Based on the assessment, the research teams successfully achieved their goals set in the proposal by sticking to the initial research plans, and the accomplishments all have practical values and will provide references to other institutions. In addition, these research work is in accordance with the strategic development of Sanda, and will promote the training and building of research teams, thus ultimately contributed to Sanda’s overall growth. 

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